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  • The simple fact that an individual’s chest can be covered most of the time makes it the ideal place to put larger tattoos or any tattoos which have to be inconspicuous. Perhaps even when you decide to get a larger chest tattoo, those will often be safe to wear in the workplace because it will be covered with a shirt. When it comes to the Japanese full-body tattoo designs called Ashorimono, it’s common for the chest area to have a space at the center in which the breast bone will be found. This is because a shirt might be partly unbuttoned while not showing any of the person’s tattoos.

    In the past, chest tattoos were a representation of significance for several different ethnicities and even jobs. For instance, the Maori tribe makes elaborate swirled patterns called moko which decorate the faces of the tribesmen. Those designs can likewise be seen trailing along the shoulders, necks and chests of a Maori.

    Asian ethnicities are also well-known for creating elaborate tattoo designs in the chest area. Besides the Japanese horimono, the Thai body art artists are best-known for inking long and detailed Buddhist prayers in the chests of people who need physical and spiritual guidance. Some other religious body art can also be found in the chest area at times, which includes the Hindu tattoos even though these are more uncommon.

    By far the most well-known chest tattoos throughout Western culture seems to have been the historical sailors designs. These range from symbols which signified period on the ocean and affiliations like nautical stars and swallows to well-detailed sailing ships. Those that decided to get much larger pieces in those days, much like today, had been faced with inking above the breast bone. Generally, this will be one of the most hurtful areas to get inked because of insufficient fat and additional tissue. This location of tattoo still indicates a devotion to this art today, much like it did in the earlier years.

    The majority of the chest tattoos today can be seen on men, mainly because they are more likely to go without shirt and will get to show them off. Most people choose the old-school or the most daring designs. Sailing ships are seen every once in awhile, but the Asian inspired styles, including the samurai and dragons have become increasingly popular. Deciding to ink something of importance on your chest area, like a phrase or name, could be a great way to show your beliefs.

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